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JITRI Optoelectronics Testing Center Co., Ltd. (“Testing Center” for short) is an optoelectronic testing platform funded by the local Government in Wujiang Foho High-tech Zone. The main purpose is to provide testing and analysis service,technical training and consulting service to the Institute and its surrounding businesses, aiming to be a leading photo-detection center at home and abroad.

The Testing Center will be equipped with a set of equipment for analyzing optoelectronic materials and devices. In addition to provide testing and analysis service for organic and inorganic optoelectronic semiconductor materials and their products, it also provides other services, such as the optoelectronics and its related technology R&D projects services, the application and analysis services of optoelectronic devices equipment.

In order to ensure the advancement of the testing center, we will strengthen its own continuous construction work and continuously improve the hardware construction of the testing center in accordance with the principle of first demand and post-development.

At the same time, we will actively promote the opening-up of the testing center,not only for the Institute, but also for the various institutions and enterprises across the country, and even carry out international cooperation projects or provide services for international research units.